Thursday, February 16, 2012

Myrtle Mae.... The new series!

Almost ten years in the making Myrtle Mae is on her way to shelves and Book Stores near you.  It started with a dream I had several years ago that involved a young girl standing in front of a mirror trying to figure out how to get through it.  She needed to save someone that had been taken through the mirror.  I woke up and jotted down notes and set it aside for a while.  I kept returning to it adding thoughts and notes but never really writing on it very much.  Then a few years later I married My wonderful wife Lynn, who is an amazing writer as well, and I asked her to collaborate with me on this series.  So we worked out an outline, broke the entire story into five books and started working one chapter at a time..Myrtle Mae and the Mirror in the Attic, the first book in the series is now finished and will soon be available.  Book Two is in the works as well as a new Spooky Ghost story i'm working on.  Keep checking in as I share more info later.

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