The 510 Group

What is the 510 Group?

The 510 Group is the name of my creative group.  It is also the name of my publisher. It used to be called "SilverMoon Publishing," but that has changed.

We have many creative talents and projects that encompass many different arts.
ie: Artwork, writing, music, books, scripts, plays, promotion, marketing, etc.

...and we've only just begun.  So, please refer back to this page as often as you would like to stay informed about us.

The 510 Group, LLC is the parent company of:

510 Games

510 Books
  1. SilverMoon Publishing
  2. Author - Joe Egly
  3. 510 Comics
  4. 510 Classics (Books and Entertainment and/or reprints) All available at and your favorite online book stores. Some titles include:          

Briar Cove Products
  1. Briar Cove Products
  2. Y'Dena Candles
  3. Buttonbox Products
  4. Buy some of our stuff from Zazzle!

510 Entertainment
  1. 510 Youtube Channel
  2. 510 Studios
  3. PPRS Inc.
  4. Incorporation of Creative Endeavors (I.C.E.)

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