Sunday, May 20, 2012

Snippet from Myrtle Mae and the Mirror in the Attic

Here's a snippet of Myrtle Mae and the Mirror in the Attic. Just wanted to share a bit and see what everyone thought so let me know. ya go.

Far away, on the other side of the thin blue veil that separated the worlds, a short, stout, middle-aged woman wearing a rather odd looking, hooded coat appeared at the edge of a long, country drive. Gravel crunched beneath her feet as she glanced around her in the darkness. Large old trees lined the road where they were standing. The song of crickets could be heard breaking through the silence all around them. She stood there for a few moments making sure she was alone. She had gifts, supernatural gifts, which enabled her to do many things that a normal person might not be able to do. She would have to be careful about using magic on this side of the veil. She had heard stories about what happened to witches here.

Standing there in the darkness, barely taking a breath, she calmed herself allowing her mind to search the area in all directions, for at least a five mile radius, before she was satisfied enough to move. Not sensing any danger nearby, she moved aside some fabric and looked into the gentle face of the sleeping baby she carried.

The child still had a slight blue aura about him, rippling in the gentle breeze of the night. Fine, dark hair crowned his head and bright, round eyes with specks of moonlight, danced with curiosity at what was happening to him.

He gurgled at the round, old face that looked down at him. A small, chubby hand reached out from the blanket and grabbed at her cloak. She felt something tug at her heart and a tear slid down her pale cheek, wishing that her sister would have had the chance to raise him herself.

“We should’ve been more careful,” she thought. Somehow, at that moment she could not believe everything she had been through this night to bring him to safety. Lives that had been lost, and a world that had been turned upside down in the chaos, weighed on her mind. She could feel the exhaustion starting to come over her, making her very tired and weary down to her very bones. She looked down at the gently sleeping bundle and took a deep breath. They would be safe here for now.

“What shall we name you?” She asked, thinking out loud.

“Norman? No… Barnabus… Hmh… Felix… Artimus… I’ve got it… I shall call you Marvin! Marvin Mae.” She said nodding her head as she began walking up the long lane towards a large old farmhouse.

“You are a special child Marvin, special indeed.” She pulled the blanket back up around his face keeping him warm and protected. After walking for what seemed like miles, she reached the front porch and entrance to the house and turned the locks in the front door with a flick of her wrists.

A series of metallic clinks and clonks opened the door. A small gray kitten that had been hiding in the shadows stumbled towards her and followed her to the door. It rubbed itself against her ankles and began to purr. She looked down at it and smiled.

“I think we have a new friend Marvin, one who may prove most helpful.” She said looking back at the baby.

“Well then, let’s not stand out here all night; we have wards and protections to put in place and a child to look after. It’s of the utmost importance.” She said to the cat. “Very important… and his daughter will save our world.” She walked into the house with the kitten, meowing, beside her and the door shut itself behind them.