Sunday, March 24, 2013

BETA reader reviews of The Difficulty of Breathing...

Here are some recent messages I have received from some "BETA" readers about The Difficulty of Breathing...

"I love the story! It's super good! I can't go to sleep because I keep reading!"

"I can't stop reading, I'm on chapter 10 already!"

"Thank you for this book! (: And I finished it in a day! It was super good I loved it."

"OMG! This is so good...I laughed and cried. Amazing story."

... "I think that it was a really good book, And I definitely think other people would want to read it. I actually had a lot of my friends ask me if they could read it. My boyfriend even asked if he could read it."

"Joe, I could smack you because of how good this is. When do I get my own copy."

A BIG thank you to all my BETA readers, I appreciate your comments and I'm very excited about this book. Tell your friends.

It will be released soon... Are you going to read it? :)

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