Friday, December 5, 2014

Have a Holly Jolly!

Merry Christmas everyone!

As I sit here listening to Christmas music and writing a play I realized that... what I want for Christmas, I already have. I have a few amazing friends, a wonderful husband, a job that pays the bills (and I enjoy,) as well as the chance to write all of my stories. I have a place to lay my head and food in my stomach. I am very grateful for all these things and the millions of other things that fill my life.

I couldn't say that a couple of years ago. Things could've been different.  I look at our Christmas tree, mesmerized by it's shining beauty and what peace it holds for me.  Something you may not know... my mother passed away in December of '86, I was 9 years old and Christmas was all around me, but she was gone. Sometimes I think that it's odd that I love this season so much, considering that bit of trauma. I think I've come to the conclusion that I love Christmas so much for all of the reason's most people do, but I find a peace in it. A closeness to the loved ones I've lost. I feel them near and a calmness surrounds me.

I feel blessed. Sure, I could fuss and complain about the million things that go wrong all the time, but when a friend, or Spencer, asks me what I would like for Christmas... All I can seem to say is.. I have all I want in you. You are my Christmas gift.  I have had way too many garage sales in my past and everything is constantly on the lists: Get rid of. Rummage. Donate. Things pile up! The older I get the less I want to deal with piles and I do get tired of moving them about.

My heart is overflowing and I want more! Wait, didn't I just say I want less piles? Yes, but I want my heart to fill to overflowing more often... not more stuff. So I ask you this Christmas... What do you want? You are an amazing gift... Whether it friend, family or more... You are my favorite Christmas present, ever! I love you all, very much.

Merry Christmas and have a Holly Jolly!

P.S. Someone out there needs a gift like you for Christmas, find them!
P.P.S. Now I know some of you may get a dirty mind about this... Behave yourself! That's not what I meant! :)

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