Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Nina Turner's full speech today at Opening of 1st Bernei Sanders Office ...

Watch Bernie Sanders' full speech after Iowa caucuses

I am completely endorsing Bernie Sanders #berniesanders for President. I am tired of the direction that our country has gone, especially since it seems to be more about Big Money and a corporation owned government. I am also tired, already, of hearing people say... "I like Bernie Sanders. I like what he's saying and stands for but... He just can't win." UGH! Ok, but if we all are tired of the way that things are going, then please realize that if we all actually vote for Bernie then he can get elected. One of the many things that Bernie has talked about is healthcare, so let me end my rant here... I have lost everyone in my family to things that could have been prevented, caught early, or given better care. Heart attacks, Diabetes, Strokes, High Blood Pressure, Cancer, and many other things. I remember their faces, some more clearly than others. My Grandma, Mother, Aunts and Uncles, Cousins, Young and old. All because Medical care and medicines are much too costly. So I ask you to look at the loved ones around you. Look or think of their faces and their loving embrace. What would you do to save them? If you had the chance to save them, what would you do? Please... Look at what Bernie has to say. Watch some Bernie Sanders on Youtube. Draw your own conclusions, but please ask yourself this... What is more important to the way things are being run in this country now? Your life, or Your money? "Climbing a mountain always starts at the very bottom with a first step and a head held high!"