Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Do you journal?

     I was recently cleaning out some boxes of old papers and writing when I came across my journal.  I had somehow forgotten all about it.  I began flipping through the pages and memories, causing myself to have a few good laughs and remember some fond times.  Then I wondered why I hadn't kept up with it, and written more.  I mean, I'm a writer, so why did writing in my own journal become such work?

     Well I'm not exactly sure, but I think in the midst of writing on my books, meetings, day job (yes, I have one), friends, family, time for myself, and a list of other things, my journal just fell by the wayside and became one of those less important tasks that had to take a back seat.  However, sitting there holding it in my hands and flipping through the pages made me realize something about it.  Journaling is like a diet.  Yes, I said it, a diet.

     Dieting is something that we all do from time to time for various reasons.  Some people diet every single day and others only need to when an important event is approaching.  Some do it for health reasons and some for personal.  Any way, or reason, you diet it is personalized for you.  Well journaling is the exact same concept.  Bare with me here.   Ok, there are people who journal because it helps them relieve stress or get out there feelings.  Some people use it as a way to express themselves privately and others as a way to document.  (history, family events, etc.)

     Writers journal for all of those reasons as well as for practice, story ideas, getting thoughts down, etc.  Here's my point.  Whatever your reason for doing it, just like a diet, if you fall off the horse get back up.  Take a few minutes, dust yourself off and go again.  The act of journaling has many benefits for your body, mind, spirit, emotions, and your brain.  Especially your brain.  So I have decided to keep my journal out on my desk and write in it when I feel inspired to do so.  It may not be a day to day account of my life or a historical account of world events, but it is my journal after all.  It will be written in when I decide to do so.  So.... give it a try.  Journal or diary, pick it up and dust it off.  Put your pen or pencil to the paper and say whatever you feel like.  You never know what will happen.  It could be a key to future civilizations about our current lives, or something for the grandkids to know you by.  It could even be the inspiration for your future novel or just simply something to one day find in a box of papers and will remind you of memories you will cherish.

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